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Via Pampa’s story started with a journey that began in Buenos Aires in 2002. At the time I was a young lawyer with a steady job, but the attraction of travelling, especially exploring Europe, was always front of mind. Destiny took me to France, and three years later introduced me to the incredible (and sometimes crazy) eyewear industry, which made me decide to swap life as a lawyer for a career in eyewear.


In 2009, I moved to London where I continued working in the eyewear industry. Finally, in 2016 I founded Via Pampa, a name inspired by a road in Buenos Aires called La Pampa, named after the renowned Argentine region. ‘Via’ means ‘road’ in Italian, a culture and language that has shaped much of Buenos Aires. 


The Via Pampa collections have a strong French influence, no doubt about that. I’ve always loved the French “créateurs”, who I believe are the best. I work closely with highly experienced French designers, not only because the quality of their work is so high, but also because my time in France really shaped the Via Pampa journey.


Acetate frames are used throughout the collections, which I personally source from leading Italian suppliers. In contrast to metal frames, I find cellulose acetate to be a gentler and more natural material (it comes from cotton or wood and is naturally hypoallergenic), which also gives me infinite colour combinations, something that is integral to Via Pampa’s unique personality.


I hope you enjoy our distinctive yet unpretentious collection (link). Come and be part of our adventure.



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