A dioptre is the unit of measurement which indicates the optical power of a lens or curved mirror. In order to know which dioptre to choose, please refer to our printable A4 Reading Test.

Our approach is that our shapes are genderless because we don’t think we should determine who should wear what. That’s up to you! Photos of models wearing our glasses are only to be used as a reference.

On each of our product pages you can see the specific dimensions of that frame, specifically the lens width, the bridge (over the nose) and the sides (arms, temples) length. This is standard specification and if you already own a frame you might want to look at the numbers inside of the arms to check if they are similar (don’t need to be exact) to the new frame.

We use genuine acetate as the front of all our frames. In some case, sides (arms, temples) are in stainless steel. In both cases, these can be adjusted in order to improve the fitting. The quickest option to adjust your frame is to head to your local optician who will probably agree to do this for free (but not always). If this is not possible for you, please send us an email to and we will call you to give you some useful advice on how to do this yourself.


Our Reading Glasses and Sunglasses all come with lenses so it’s not possible to order without them. Although you or an optician (they will not always agree) can easily fit additional lenses, you will lose the Via Pampa guarantee as the initial product would have been altered.  However, if you have ordered one of our Via Pampa Originals optical frames, these only come with demonstration lenses (demo lens) which are meant to be removed (preferable by your local optician) in order to mount your prescription lenses.

No, only opticians can deliver lenses that are adapted to your specific prescription. You can, however, use our frames (from our Reading Glasses collection, Sunglasses or Via Pampa originals) to mount lenses to your specific eyesight. An optician can do this for you, although some might not agree or will charge.

Yes, please send us an email to with your contact details including your phone number and we will call you back.

If you are unable to find the answer to your questions here, please email at and we’ll happily reply in 1-2 working days.

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